Local USB in Remote Desktop

Access local USB devices in remote Windows session. For Windows, Linux and Windows CE.

USB for Remote Desktop

Two-way Sound over RDP

Work with local sound devices in Terminal Server session. For Windows and Linux.

Sound over RDP

Use Webcam over RDP

Use local video devices in remote Windows Session. For Windows and Linux.

Webcam for Remote Desktop

Redirect Printer over RDP

Use local printers in remote Windows Session.

Printer for Remote Desktop

Redirect Scanner over RDP

The ultimate solution for scanner redirection in Remote Desktop environment.

Scanner for Remote Desktop

USB over Network 5: the best solution for USB device redirection

We are proud to announce: the big upgrade to our product USB over Network 5.1 is now available!

In this new version, we have added several highly requested features to bring even more flexibility and convenience for the user experience. Some of them are: callback connections, password protection for individual devices, ability to connect specified USB port, one-time connection feature and more.

Overall stability and compatibility with newer operating systems was improved as well.

For software developers and OEMs USB over Network Developer API is available for incorporating the functionality of our software in your own custom solutions.

You're welcome to find out more on USB over Network 5.1 on the product page.


July 21, 2015

USB over Network 5.1 for Windows and Linux is now available! This release brings tons of new features: callback connections, password protection for individual devices, ability to connect a specific USB port, one-time connection feature and more! Windows 8.1 support has been significantly improved and some small bugs have been fixed.

June 19, 2015

Scanner for Remote Desktop 1.5.32 has been released. WIA 2.0 compatibility has been added. Issue with Kodak ScanMate scanners has been fixed. Stability has been improved.

April 29, 2015

USB over Network has been updated to version 5.0.6. Bug causing reconnection failure after the loss of network connection has been fixed. Drivers have been updated.

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